Quick Review: Ergo Backpack

I was recently flying alone with Baby & didn’t want the extra hassle of folding a stroller to go through security.

I planned to use our trusty Ergo Baby Carrier so I could keep my hands free while walking through the airport. Since I was doing both flights solo with Baby, I walked myself through the trip mentally the week before when I had to travel by myself for work. I realized carrying our over-the-shoulder diaper bag, which I also find really heavy normally, would be a pain.

Could I wear a normal backpack and wear Baby in the Ergo carrier? Could I put it on front and her on back? This didn’t seem like it would work, so I found and ordered the Ergo Baby Backpack that attaches to the front of your Ergo carrier or can also be used as a regular backpack.

I packed and practiced with my Ergo & backpack the night before my solo trip. I was able to pack everything, including toys and books for the flight, in the bag and keep it under 7 lb.

Unfortunately, I found that this is a nice, light daypack for carrying on its own, but not for attaching to my Ergo with my baby in it. I felt like it was pulling the carrier structure away from her body, and also dragging my center of gravity with it. If you wear your baby, you know that these two things undermine your sense of security with a carrier. I feel like the baby senses that, too, meaning she’s less likely to relax in that situation.

With practice, I may get used to the sensation, but for this trip I ended up using it as a backpack I carried with one strap over my shoulder and the baby in various carry positions in the Ergo itself. I’m still happy with it as a nice, lightweight backpack. It was a great diaper bag for our trip, with a lot of room and good access to supplies. I just would recommend caution and practice if you want
an all-in-one solution.

To be clear, this is a backpack that attaches to a carrier system; it is not a baby carrier itself, as one of the confused reviewers seems to think. You can see a video here, and read the instruction page on the Ergo site here. Also, my backpack had Velcro straps instead of the straps shown in the video.

What do you think? How do you handle carrying a baby or toddler and all your supplies for a trip?

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  1. As a follow-up, despite it being difficult to carry attached to the Ergo directly, this bag will become our defacto diaper bag for trips around town. I personally found it pretty useful as a backpack, with Baby in a front carry, although it was awkward to take either off, in that case.

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